Bet365 Apps: Types of Sports Bets on Cricket

Cricket is a team game that has a large number of fans. Fans of this sport not only watch the games, cheer for their favourite team, but also place bets on popular betting sites or from their mobile phones. For example, it is very convenient to do this through the latest version of the mobile Bet365 app. However, let’s talk about everything in order!

The Basics of Cricket

Cricket is particularly popular in India. With a population of over a billion people, cricket is the second most popular sport in India. It is second only to football, which is already popular all over the world.

Before making online cricket bets, the bettor should carefully study all the basic rules. The essence of cricket is that the player needs to hit the ball after the opponent’s serve. There are two teams in the game, each team has 11 players. The field is presented in a round shape, it can vary in size, but in the centre there is always a circle with a diameter of 20 meters. This is where all the main actions of the gameplay take place.

The game starts when one team serves the ball and the players of the other team have to bat it away. The teams take turns pitching and batting the ball. In defence, there is a pitching bowler and ten fielders on the field at the same time. In attack there are two batsmen – one each on opposite sides of the centre circle.

The striker must collect the maximum number of runs in the allotted overs or until he is put into touch. The batsman should reflect his shot so that the ball is at the boundary of the pitch or flies as far away from the opponents as possible. This will allow the batsman to run to the opposite side of the pitch.

The batsman’s team is injured if they play successfully and follow all the rules. This is affected by the fulfilment of all the conditions of play. These are holding the ball by the player until it touches the ground, destroying the batsman’s wicket, taking the batsman out of the game. The team’s attack continues until 10 batsmen of the national team have been taken out. After that the teams change places.

Types of Cricket Betting

There are various types of bets accepted on such sport at Bet365 app, namely:

  • On the outcome of the match. Tier 1 games are characterised by draws, which is why the odds in the test matches are presented with three possible outcomes. Draws do not happen as often as in football. But there is no denying its probability. In the one-day and T20 formats, operators offer two-sided outcomes with no possibility of a draw.
  • Double chance. This is the same bet on an outcome. The only difference is that in double chance two outcomes can be summed up with lower odds. In this case, the bettor can bet that there will be no draw or one of the national teams will not lose.
  • Total. This is a bet on the number of goals / points for a specific game interval (or the whole match). Such bets can be made after 5, 10, 15 overs. Players can be presented with total totals, or individual totals, which are bet on each national team.
  • A handicap. This is a bet on how much a particular team will win – or how much of a handicap they will not concede to their opponents. In test matches, where strong teams are playing, zero odds are popular.
  • Player statistics. If there is a game of the highest level, bettors are delighted with the abundance of offers regarding the personal achievements of athletes. Customers of the site or Bet365 app can bet on the number of goals, titles at the end of the match, the best or worst player.
  • Match Statistics. Bettors like cricket due to the fact that there are various statistics and minor events on it. In the lines of major matches, you can find quotes on the number of run outs, the best result of the first partnership.
  • The draw. Such a prediction is considered the most primitive. Such bets are offered by all operators in Bangladesh. Here bettors will not have to analyse the games for a long time, delve into the composition of the teams and check information about the athletes. The player will have to guess which team will be the attacking team. The probability that the bettor will guess is 50:50. Such predictions are not suitable for long distance play.

Bettors can bet in two modes: live and prematch. Live betting on cricket is offered during the game. The bettor will be able to see how the game started and navigate the course of the event. Pre-match bets are accepted long before the start. It is better to try to apply different types of bets in practice, having previously installed the Bet365 apk file on your smartphone or tablet. It’s more convenient!

What to Consider When Betting on Cricket

To make successful cricket predictions, a bettor should pay attention to such factors:

  • Weather conditions. Weather always affects a Test match, especially if it is a short match. Cricket is not played in the rain, so the bettor should familiarise himself with the weather forecast. If rain is forecast, the importance of the toss is greatly increased due to the shortened time.
  • The result of the coin toss. The turn of attack is determined by flipping a coin. This procedure has a great influence on the encounter. The team that will attack first in a Test match often has an advantage, because the first attack is on a fresh pitch and with a new ball. In cricket, balls are often not changed. It can only be changed after 80 overs.
  • Field Features. The surface may vary from stadium to stadium. It can be an earth surface or a lawn with grass of different heights. The type of pitch can vary depending on the season.

Additionally, the bettor should take into account where the selected team plays: away or at home. According to statistics, the national teams that play at home, more often win. And this applies not only to cricket. 

If you’d like to keep up with cricket matches and bet on them wherever you are, Bet365 is the place to look. They have a great mobile app that is a pleasure to use. We are not talking about benefits like welcome bonuses, high odds, multiple payment methods and so on. We recommend everyone to Bet365 app download – it’s completely free!

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